Greetings Family,

 Welcome back to the 
 Heard Family Reunion

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God's Blessings to everyone.  

It was really great that so many family members utilized the website for our 2015 reunion.  It offered the convenience of all the info needed for the host of the reunion.  This year there is a fee that will need to be mailed in or payed online by paypal. We still encorage you to utilize this site by clicking on the selected pages to the left, you will be able to:

* Register online in the “Family Directory” 
* RSVP for all your family members          
* Order your T-shirts                              
* See who’s planning to attend
* Get information about “Accommodations” and all the weekend events
* View family photos, even upload your own            
* Send a message directly to a family member
* Listen to Music, watch Videos
    **All personal information is kept “Private” from others viewing on the web**

We encourage you to go to the “Family Directory” page and fill out the info so we can continue to keep an accurate record of everyone.  Fill it out even if you can’t make it ( but I do hope you’ll try ).  Please use it and inform other family members about the site in case we can’t reach everyone. 

Now I know everyone in the world is not tech savvy, perhaps you can get your kids or grand kids to register for you.  But that’s alright, we will still do regular mailings for anyone who prefers it or does not have internet access.

                                    Linking the bridge of our past across to our future 
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